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Newborn Shoot

Newborn Photography

Last week I had a last minute inbox asking me to do a newborn shoot. The baby boy was early, and actually was born Christmas Day. I do love to do newborn shoots. I dont do loads per year but I do like to do them. Luckily he was doing all the right things, eating then sleeping. Although he put up a fight at first

I dont rush newborn shoots, they are best done withing 14 days, less is overdue. There is always tea or coffee in studio so you and your partner can get comfy. I also have to make sure the studio is lovely and warm. For this shoot we started with a blue blanket, stretched over a large posing bean, with other blankets and cushions for shape. We also used the old faithful tin bath. Great for safe posing.  Posing takes a while which is why we aim for more time. I dont claim to be a newborn specialist though, there are people who do just that. But I do provide some lovely images.

I hope you like the photo sample collage. Il be posting more soon.



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