My new website

Hi, and welcome to the new Lee Archer Photography website. I asked for the new site build a little before Christmas and the company were very fast to deliver.

Its nearly 2016 so Im already planning what to do for next year and managingt the bookings I already have. I expect to be busy again like this year, although I wont be taking on as many Weddings.

The reason is to give my clients more attention and time. I also have a busy fitness department which was really busy this year and took me all over the country. I feel blessed to have such great clients. Ive visited some new and lovely wedding venues this year, and hope to see them again. If your looking at booking your wedding for 2016/17 please do get in touch and the consultation is free. And of course you dont have to book. I think its important to meet the photographer and ask as many questions as you can think of. Your wedding is such an important day, dont book just anyone.

For now Il keep the first blog short. Please view the galleries which Im updating all the time. Its surprising how much Ive got to re-upload since getting a new site.

Have a lovely New Years Eve.