Hoping for a productive 2021

Hey guys, this week has been a week of date changes and wedding movement since the new from the government. I have and will keep doing my best to move whom I can to reduce the stress you must be going through. It also looks like 2022 is going to be a massive wedding year for many people, going by those moving and the new weddings too. If you do need to move please get in touch as soon as possible as once someone books a wedding date and pays their deposit, the date has gone. Hopefully, we are close to normality. Take care



Weddings & Covid19 – What next?

This really has been the most upsetting time for those planning to get married. Yes, the measures were needed at the time to stop the pandemic. But what next?.

It seems the country is at a point where the people are doing all they can to stop further spread. Some feel we are safe to have weddings and some feel not. I think in any case common sense will be needed. Weddings are a beautiful celebration that involve seeing people you dont often see, hug relatives and the bride and groom. Without that its not the same. It would be obvious to not attend if unwell, cover mouths when coughing and have hand sanitiser all around. I would hope this would help things move forward.

Once the restriction is lifted this year, I do have spaces as a lot of weddings moved to next year. This means I will be offering last-minute deals. It helps us all.

If you have any questions, ideas etc then please get in touch. Even if you don’t want to book.


Peter & Kay’s wedding Rudding Park

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Rudding Park for the first time. It was Kay and Peters wedding. The venue is simply beautiful. From the drive upto the hotel past the grand chapel I was blown away.

We had a really fun day, and this was one of those weddings you don’t forget in a hurry. The weather was great, the only sunny day of the week. Luck? maybe so. Il keep this brief but do have a look at there website. Its also just won the best hotel of the year.

Photography Training

The training is now available. Its aimed at the total entry level photographer. Getting to know your camera, how it works and why. This is the first step. I’m running this in a classroom for upto 8 people so you get time to get personal help. This is also a great way to be prepared for the photo walks I’m planning, where you can practice your new skills and get help from me with taking better photographs.

Please do get in touch if this will suit you. If you already know how to use the manual settings on your camera this may not be for you, but the photo walks will be handy if your a little rusty.

I will also offer 1 on 1 training but it works out more expensive, but you can focus on an area you want to improve and the training is set to your standard.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Family photoshoots on location and outdoors

One of the best parts about our summer is being able to offer photo-shoots outdoors. Often called lifestyle photoshoots. The benefit is multiple locations within a location and the relaxed un-staged photographs we can create.

This latest shoot as shown in the featured image was at Wollaton Hall near Nottingham. Its a stunning location and the couple also had there pre-wedding photo-shoot there. For the film buffs out there its also the filming location for the Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan. Although I usually shoot closer to home I can shoot anywhere. Closer to my home is Walkers Nurseries, Finningley with stunning grounds. Cusworth Hall just off the A1 Doncaster or Clumber Park, although they now charge per person not per car.

These shoots start from as little as £45. But I would quote based on what you need and where.


Cakey baby photoshoot

I call these cake smash photoshoots, but some call them cakey baby, either way there a great fun way to celebrate your young ones birthday. There is no age limit for these, meaning older children can have them.

The cakes are custom made and can be any colour and allergies are catered for. There will be some new cake shapes available too. I had a chat with my cake maker and agreed to include more styles, like love heart shaped etc. A cake shoot starts from £65 and for that you get the shoot, cake and a 10×8 print. You will view your images in a private online gallery, with your own custom password.

I offer these in your own home or in a studio I use in Harworth. The price will only be more if you live out of area from DN11. If you have any questions please do get in touch.


Wedding Prep Photography

I sometimes get asked what do I do for the wedding prep photography. The answer is simply taking photographs of you all getting ready. I observe and document the occasion, not getting in the way or asking for posed shots. Of course you can arrange this if you wish but I can get the images as things happen.
As you can see there’s a posed shot once the make-up is on, and sometimes a couple once the dress is on.
But I know how stressful the getting ready process is, so its a relaxed photography session.
I also usually arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to ensure most of the prep has started and everyone is happy for there photographs to be taken.

These images are great for the groom to see at a later stage when you view all your photographs together and if having a wedding book they help tell the story of how the day started. Although the focus here is on the bride, if the groom is getting ready close by or in the same hotel we can get some of him getting ready too, but the gents don’t take as long and often don’t require this part of the service.

If you want to chat about your wedding day and see if I would be the person to capture your memories please do get in touch, the consultations are free and no sales involved.


Wedding Photography Q & A – what i get asked the most

yorkshire dales wedding couple

Hi, I have had alot of wedding emails lately and a few consultations. There are a few questions that I get asked that I thought would be good to make a little post about.

The first is “Do you travel or are you just a Sheffield Photographer?” the answer is Yes i travel anywhere. I was recently asked to go to Gretna Green Scotland. I love a road trip so I love to go where needed.

“How does a typical day work from the photography side of things?” Well my packages are full day packages, they don’t have to be, but as standard they are. So the day starts with wedding preparations with the Bride. Then its onto the wedding ceremony and I’ll have some time with the Groom and groomsmen, then the Brides arrival and onto the ceremony. After the ceremony its usually the confetti shot then group shots, this is usually at the reception venue, but can be done at the church too. After the groups its time for the 3 of us to go for a walk and get different shots of the Bride & Groom together at different locations. I pose to suit the couple and how they want to look. Usually after this its time for the wedding breakfast and speeches. More Bride and Groom photographs after food if needed then its time for the evening reception. Cake cut photograph then first dance. In between these formalities I do take random shots of everything that’s going on. The details, the venue, people, anything that captures the atmosphere of the day. A few weeks later you get to firstly view your wedding online before getting your High Resolution images. You get them all, none are kept back. If you have ordered a wedding book, you will choose the images and the book will be designed by me, you will view the design before it is sent off to Italy to be made. And that is a quick guide to how a wedding photography day works. I can explain more during consultations.

“How do you prepare for something as important as a wedding” I spend time before the wedding planning the route to get there, the routes between venues, times it will take and go over any info provided by the couple. I charge all batteries and back ups, clean and prepare the camera and lenses. I have a back up camera and lenses too. I like to be more than prepared. I also dress the same as someone attending a wedding, trousers, shirt and waist coat. I can’t imagine why others don’t dress smart for a wedding. (photographers)

“How long have you been a wedding photographer?” I did my first wedding in 2011, I was photographing fitness and families before that. I have since done 100’s of weddings at alot of different venues. I’ve been a photographer since 2009 and had an interest in it since the late 90’s. I’m also fully insured with Liability insurance and Indemnity insurance.

If you would like to discuss your wedding photography with me, please click the contact tab and get in touch. There is no hard sell at all and you will be left to make your own decision.




Men & Wedding Cars – Ferrari

This may seem like an odd post, but one of things that is rare at weddings, is the groom arriving in a fancy car. We always see the bride and bridesmaids arrive at the venue or church in beautiful cars, but rarely the groom.

Men and boys have always had a love for cars. We seem to obsess over them from an early age. (women too I know) so it makes sense where possible to hire something super cool for your wedding day. Anyone who does hire out supercars or film based cars please do get in touch by the way. I know of a few car companies who are great, and provide stunning cars, but they dont have super cars or cars from films (transformers) etc.

Here is a little boy from a wedding who loved the Ferrari his dad came in.

The wedding by the way was at The Secret Garden, gringley on the hill. It looks like they have a new website too so pop along and look.

So the groom arrives in this beautiful car. We took alot of shots.. well why not.


Thanks for reading..


Learn Photography – One on One or group

Teaching photography skills has been a thought for some time. This year I will look at either a photography class, with a group of upto 5 or 6, keeping numbers low so I can work with everyone.

Or even 1 to 1 teaching. Maybe your struggling to get sharp images, the wrong colour and you have no idea what the other settings on your camera do. Don’t shoot in Auto forever and explore how creative you can be once you use the camera in differently and take control over what it does.

Yes, some settings allow for speed of use and can lead to great images, but for the most part its a great feeling to shoot fully manual and be in charge of every setting. I can help you see what you should see in a scene before taking a shot. Things to avoid, scene set up etc. For those with a basic skill already but want to learn how to use Off Camera Flash or studio flash I can look at that too, which is alot different to photography without flash, well in most cases. There are times when you can combine ambient light and flash to get something extra special. And in situations you may never have thought we use flash.

If this is of interest send me an email, ask questions. Its still in the thought stage so far, but 1 and 1 could be arrange now.