Wedding photography – Do I cover your area?

Hi and thanks for reading. Just a quick update today. I often get asked “do you over this or that area” and my answer is “I will cover a wedding anywhere” obviously the rates will increase a little for the travel but it means for those who live in Yorkshire but want to get married in the Lake District, or Scotland etc, you can have a local photographer there. A trusted one.

Although I’m based between Doncaster and Sheffield, I often work in Lincoln, Nottingham, Leeds, York. I really don’t mind.

I was at East Riddlesden Hall in December, great for a winter wedding, and around an hours drive. But I always add an hour to the drive time to allow for traffic issues etc.

Here are the highlights from that wedding.

2019 Dates are going fast..

Just a little update about this year, due to a new contract alot of weekends have been taken, I can only offer a few weddings this year now at the weekend.

If your planning your wedding still get in touch. 2020 is also looking like a busy year, a few weddings now booked in and a few more people to meet. Plus of course the new contract will roll into 2020.

Consultations are free. Get in touch.



Happy New Year – 2019

Well it is soon upon us so I thought Id get the post done now.

Thankyou to all my customers and those booked for 2019/20. I can’t wait to  be at your Wedding.

Wedding Photography bookings are being taken so if you want to check your date is free just click the contact tab, there is no commitment checking. You will never be pressured into booking. Consulatations are also free.

Have a great New Years Eve, and I’ll see you in 2019. I will be checking emails over this period so you will get a quick response.


The end of 2018 is near

Well, its been an interesting year here at Lee Archer Photography. I’ve been lucky to secure 2 new commercial photography accounts and secured new shows for 2019.

The wedding season is over for me now. My last wedding was at East Ribblesden Hall yesterday and a few weeks ago I was at Waterton Park hotel. Both lovely places to work at. All is left to do here is some editing and a few small jobs then its a relax over Christmas, although the odd last minute job always comes in.

2019 is going to be busy, as I said above the new contracts for shows has added 3 weekend dates to the diary, I was already covering 6 dates. I also have a few new comiccon events to cover too. This is before I book any more weddings in. Weddings will be limited next year due to these new contracts. The fitness department photo-flex has grown this year again. Lots of gym shoots, shows and a few long trips to Cumbria to do team shoot days.

So I thought I’d just show a few images from the last 2 weddings. Please do get in touch about your wedding if your still looking for a photographer. 2020 dates still available.

Cake Smash Photoshoots are back.

Its been a while since I closed my shop front studio to focus on weddings, fitness and commercial photography. But I do get asked about photoshoots and cake shoots.

To still provide for my previous clients and new, I can provide in-home shoots. I do have a portable studio with a white or grey background. Cake smash shoots were very popular in the studio and they can easily be done in your home, and your child will actually relax more at home. Its messy but the backdrop gets the brunt of it.

I offer these still from £65 within 8 miles of DN11 and not much extra outside that, you get the Giant cupcake, the shoot and a 10×8″ print. You also choose the cake colour.

Inhome family shoots are from £50 and come with the same 10×8 print but 2 6×4″ too.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

Why does Wedding Photography cost so much?

Money is and always has been the main topic of life. Sadly without it we are restricted to what we can or cannot do. Saving money is an every day task now and we do it with nearly everything, Utility bills, fuel, phones etc.

But with some things we like what we like. And the reason is quality and reliability. I travel a lot with my work and I would never stop and buy a cheap £1 coffee as I know it would taste bad and Id not drink it all, but I will pay 3 times that for a quality cup of flat white. And I too do like to save money, but some things are worth every penny.

So when it comes to Wedding Photography, a common reply is “its out of my budget” or “I’ve seen someone doing it for half that price” and I agree there are deal out there which are extremely cheap. And I must add at this stage, I’m not at the high end of the pricing. Now, I know most people wont know a thing about photography, or weddings as its nearly always the first time looking into it. So I do think its about time I explain some reasons why the price is what it is. Its certainly not so I can save for the new Audi R8.

Your wedding starts from the consultation. This is your chance to ask questions, look at books, get to know each other and chat all things photography. We also talk about shots you may or may not like, things that happen on the day and full guide to what I will do before, during and after your wedding. You may have 2 or 3 meetings.

The big day. Most weddings will take 8 to 10 hours to complete. Travel to and from the wedding, reception, home (for the prep) plus the prepping of all equipment, travel routes the days before.

The Editing – post processing. Your wedding goes through a multi stage editing process. 2 different programs are used, the first to sort, colour balance, tweak, and prepare for the main edit. The second program as known to all as Photoshop, is to check every image for anything that shouldn’t be there, skin correction, colours, black and white conversions, and the overall look of the final image. The average wedding is 600+ images so when you look at the time per photograph, the editing time is 10/12 hours. Then your online gallery has to be processed and uploaded. If you have a book package, the design of the book takes me around 2 hours, then time to send the order to Italy and arrange delivery etc.

Follow up emails/calls Communication is key, and this continues well after the wedding. The sending of galleries, USB’s, books. I am always at the end of a phone or email.

Equipment cost Obviously the main tool for a photographer is his/her camera. Now as I said at the start, there are cheaper photographers, some too cheap to be true. My main camera is nearly £4k to buy. Servicing of these cameras and lenses costs a lot of money. Do you think the £300 per day photographer uses a top spec camera? and I know for a fact a lot don’t have a back up camera they can grab out there bag and shoot with in case of emergency, but I do. My back up camera is still a top spec camera. I use Canon L lenses. These are fantastic sharp lenses. The reason I use a Canon 5dk4 with these lenses is I want quality images, in any situation. This is your Big day remember so its just as important to me to get the absolute best of it. When you look back the images will take you on a journey back in time, every moment captured. I carry a full back up of kit, Camera, flash, batteries, memory cards, lenses. Your special day is too important to risk not getting the shots when I need too.

Insurance This goes hand in hand with equipment, but I also have Public Liability, and Indemnity Insurance. This is crucial to any business, but more so to such important work as weddings.

Storage A little known fact and overlooked aspect to photography is the storage of your images. I know some wont store indefinitely saying its not there job. I strongly disagree and feel its my job to make sure there is always a copy of your photographs in case you lose your USB, book or disc due to many of life’s hiccups. It does happen. So I pay to have a storage facility online, and secure away from the office. Your images will exist in 3 safe locations for life.

Copyright You get all your images, and you have shared copyright to do what you like with them, this factors in a loss in print sales or product sales. There are no watermarks or logos on your final images.

Experience I have saved this for last, with 100’s of weddings done and completed your paying for not only great photographs, but the skill to know how a wedding works and runs. How to deal with issues that can arise due to weather, time restrictions, venue or any factor that can happen. The ability to liaise with the venue/church to make sure I can get you what you need. Professional and experienced wedding photographers can tell if a venue is forgetting something for you, and get things done. So in a sense, a bigger role than photographer. Looking after guests, making people feel comfortable having the photographs taken, working with sensitive situations, family issues, all takes a strong and confident person as well as photography skill. Skill on top of all that is the final piece to the puzzle. You want beautiful images and I have knowledge in natural light, indoor flash use and outdoor flash with ambient light. This skill has taken years to build and the cost of training too.

As you can see there is so much more to consider when booking your Wedding Photographer. I do think a meeting is essential at the start, its free and you can ask all the above and see if the person sat in front of you can deliver. Love the work too, then look at the price. I do realise there will always be a budget, but photography is a huge and essential part of your day. The images will out last every other service provider you hired for your day, excluding the videographer of course.

If you want to chat about your wedding, it is free and there is no obligation at all. I have a no pressure sales policy.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Archer.

2018 well under way

Hello everyone, well this is my first post of 2018 as I do forget to post for a while. But I wanted to do a little update for the plans of 2018.

I do still have space for this year and have already had alot of interest for 2019/20. It seems people are booking well in advance now, mostly due to venues getting even busier.

I have changed some of the contracts I’m working on this year, doing less fitness shows but more commercial work and weddings. I work for some fantastic companies photographing there products or buildings. This work does take me all over the country too. It’s the first year without the shop front Studio, but I do still have fully portable studio equipment. It just mean I will be doing very little family shoots unless shot on location etc. Some families do use there gardens or local beauty spot.

The idea this year is to promote corporate head-shots more, it really is a benefit to have professional images of your staff on your websites and social media. There will be package deals available for this soon. This too can be done in house to avoid disruption of company time.

The other project I’m currently working on is Photography Training. I have thought about it for years and think its something I can offer. At first small groups or 1 to 1. This will apply to the very beginner to advanced (studio lighting etc). There are some great courses around so I’l see what I can offer different.

Anyway, I’l update more on some of these ideas soon. Please do get in touch with questions and ideas.



How to take good photos at night – Bonfire Night soon

There are three things you need to know about your camera in order to take good photos at night. Those three things are ISO Exposure and Aperture. These three key ingredients are what helps take good photos at low level lights. Most modern digital cameras in the past 3 years have instructions on how to adjust these settings. Consult the manual on your digital camera.

ISO = how sensitive your camera is to light. ISO 200 is twice as sensitive as ISO 100. ISO 400 is twice as sensitive to ISO 200. The more sensitive (higher ISO) the shorter the exposure needs to be for a similar image. So why not jump to ISO 1600? Because in digital cameras, that will make for a very grainy photo unless you got an electronically cooled CCD like they use for photographing astronomy. Most “normal” digital cameras only go up to ISO 400.

Exposure (shutter speed) = how long your shutter will stay open, allowing light to collect on the image sensor. 1:15 is 1/15 of a second. 1:4 is 1/4 of a second. Remember, in shutter speeds less than a second, the LARGER the bottom number, the SHORTER the exposure (provided that a 1 is the numerator) 6/10 is more than twice as long as 1/4. Also, camera shake can cause blurry photos at settings longer than 1/15.

Aperture: F-stops are different settings allowing different amounts of light to enter your camera. This is different from exposure, in that the aperture is that funky iris/anus looking thing that is a series of connected sheets that either open or contract to make a hole get bigger or smaller. Think of the opening to the old James Bond movies where that aperture starts as a small dot and opens up to get bigger. If you watch the LCD on your camera and adjust the aperture, you will see which setting opens up the iris to allow more light in by watching your LCD become brighter or dimmer.


There are alot of compact cameras for sale now, but its worth looking for ones that do work well in the dark. Here is one by Sony. The spec suggests it is still great in the dark.


  • ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 30x optical zoom lens for extra-clear pictures

  • 18.2 12 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor for higher image quality even when dark

  • BIONZ X™ image processing engine delivers more detail with less noise

  • 180-degree tiltable LCD for easy framing of selfies/low-position shots

  • Beauty Effect to retouch people’s appearance in stills, by degrees


And seeing as I’m a Canon user myself, here is there offering, this really does look good for a compact camera

Take power and versatility on every trip. This travel zoom camera with easy smartphone connectivity puts a huge 40x zoom lens with 24mm wide angle in your pocket – for superb images and Full HD movies packed with distant detail day or night.


Any questions please do ask.



Mike & Clare Wedding – Beeston Fields Nottingham

Around 5 weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Mike and Clare’s Wedding. This booking was a little different as it was a referral from another professional photographer who was looking forward being a guest for once. As it was his wife’s sister getting married. Well, as a photographer this is a big honour, as referring people is hard. I do refer people to him and we have become good friends over the last 2 years.

Anyway, The Walled Garden is just that, its a beautiful location on the outskirts of Nottingham. Ive been before for a Greek Wedding so this was very different. It has lots of colour and character. This obviously helps with getting great photographs. We had a few sessions of photography with the Bride & Groom. I like to make the most of any opportunity to get more photographs. Between those sessions Im always taking photographs of anything that is going on. For example, people talking, kids playing, fun and games, details of the venue, anything that will create the perfect reminder of the day when looking back.

Ive created the highlights collage as I couldn’t decide what to share, this gives a good example of what I look for in the day.



Rossington Hall Wedding

19th August 2017 saw the wedding of Luke & hayley. Ive known this lovely couple for a few years now, they had been to my studio for shoots then booked there wedding way in advance. (a good idea)

This was my first wedding at Rossington Hall, near Doncaster. So I was looking forward to seeing what great images we could get. I had photographed a prom here before though. But it was all indoors. The weather was very strange. Rain, Sun, Wind, all within 1o minutes. But this didn’t put us off. If it had rained all day we would have still got amazing shots using rain and umbrellas.

We used lots of locations for shots, using the great hall in the background to catching the water fountain in the background back lit by the sun. Some shots were using off camera flash, some natural lighting shots. Either way creating a vast choice when viewed in there private online gallery. If you would like to hear more about how I photograph weddings please get in touch.


Update, the images are ready so here is a highlights collage.