Learn Photography – One on One or group

Teaching photography skills has been a thought for some time. This year I will look at either a photography class, with a group of upto 5 or 6, keeping numbers low so I can work with everyone.

Or even 1 to 1 teaching. Maybe your struggling to get sharp images, the wrong colour and you have no idea what the other settings on your camera do. Don’t shoot in Auto forever and explore how creative you can be once you use the camera in differently and take control over what it does.

Yes, some settings allow for speed of use and can lead to great images, but for the most part its a great feeling to shoot fully manual and be in charge of every setting. I can help you see what you should see in a scene before taking a shot. Things to avoid, scene set up etc. For those with a basic skill already but want to learn how to use Off Camera Flash or studio flash I can look at that too, which is alot different to photography without flash, well in most cases. There are times when you can combine ambient light and flash to get something extra special. And in situations you may never have thought we use flash.

If this is of interest send me an email, ask questions. Its still in the thought stage so far, but 1 and 1 could be arrange now.