I’m sorry for being so slow with blogs lately, I’ve been so busy. I wanted to do a little blog about how simple ideas can look amazing at a wedding. Some people think you have to pay a wedding planner £100’s to make your reception look great, which in some cases is true. But sometimes I cover a Wedding where the couple have done alot on their own. And it works.

The wedding I’m going to show you is from Rachel & Paul’s at Otley. The wedding was at a Church first, but then onto a campsite in Otley… Yes a campsite. Now they did hire a marquee and it looked gorgeous. The view from the field was simply breathtaking. For some of the shots you’ll see I used a powerful portable studio light. This helps to really get the sky detail and make the shot look powerful.

Also at the wedding was a fantastic Ice Cream van giving out handmade ice cream. You really cant go far wrong giving your guests (and photographer) ice cream. Later that evening a fish and chip van arrived. As you can see there is a pattern. Guests love to eat. Well, doesn’t everyone. Weddings can be long and well fed guests are happy guests.

To keep the guests busy there was Hook a Duck, Bowls, coconut shy and other traditional outdoor games. Its the little touches that make a day even more special than it already is. I hope you like the highlight images. If you would like to know more about my wedding photography, please click the contact tab above.

Lee Archer